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What would you like to know about your All Round Guide?

How to get in touch with us:

  • Call us on +61 407 334 415
  • Email us on [email protected]
  • Mail us at PO Box 1366, Launceston, Tasmania, 7250

Our feelings towards fishing and fly fishing:

  • We love fishing and fly fishing.
  • We aim to promote fun and enjoyment of fishing in beautiful Tasmania.
  • We would like to help dissolve the stigma that fly fishing is a “purist” based past time.
  • We practice “Catch and Release” fly fishing principals.
  • To have gratitude and stay grateful for the fishery we have in Tasmania.
  • We wish to promote sustainability and conservation of our environment and the fisheries within.
  • We wish to promote enjoying the outdoors by fostering having fun while fishing.


The business consulting we do:


The personal consulting we do:


More background about your guide, Scott Murphy:

Scott grew up in a rural farming area of Tasmania, in conditions not that dissimilar to those Footrot Flat stories from our neighboring cousins in New Zealand. There were great streams in the back yard and his family often traveled up to the lake country when they could. His parents and grandparents were all hard working salt of the earth type people and all connected with nature easily and effortlessly. All were some sort of small business operators, farm managers, kitchen managers and hard labor workers over their time. Those values steered Scott through many successful and sometimes testing careers in retail, management, hospitality, tourism, accounting, consulting, training as well as involvement in the motor industry with ownership of a state-wide car detailing franchise system.

He acknowledges that he is certainly human and makes mistakes just like everyone else and is happy to have this great opportunity to follow his passions and enjoy the fantastic nature and people here in Tasmania. He sees his role as an opportunity to explore ways with clients to achieve the outcomes they desire, using the processes he’s trained, certified and experienced in.

His qualifications include an Advanced Diploma of Business – Accounting, Certification as a NLP Practitioner and Coach, Certified Workplace Trainer and Teacher, Small Business Management Certification and is a member of the Australian Board of NLP, the Institute of Leaders and Management, the Trout Guides and Lodges Tasmania, an accredited tourism operator with EcoStar Accreditation as well as being a member of the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists.

His upbringing in a small country town in the midlands of Tasmania was fortunate and he was blessed enough to experience farm life and the country. However, some tragedy struck early on and the remaining of his family moved closer to the comforts of populated areas. He schooled and played sport like many others and went on to work in kitchens and the motor industry before settling into a junior management position in a retail department store.

Over the next years, he worked his way up to store manager and was lucky enough to open many new stores in Tasmania and some in Victoria. Once he moved on from this stage, he finalised all of his qualifications in business, accounting, management and training so that he could open his own consulting service offering accounting, bookkeeping and management consulting services to local businesses. This went very well for many years before he burned himself out a bit and lost enthusiasm for the tax related industries. He then sold that business and moved way left field into a master franchise car detailing operation. And in its end, this had to go too, it interfered with valuable fishing time.

Since then, he has refocused on following his passion of fly fishing for trout and taking people fishing for fun. Honing in on the enjoyment of the outdoors as well as getting health and self-disciplines into good shape or workable order as to enjoy developing further while he works with other amazing individuals, here in the nature of Tasmania.

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