Fishing Tasmania

Tasmania as a fishery

Residents and visitors to Tasmania are blessed to be surrounded by many fantastic fisheries.  Our coastal regions offer great rock fishing, surf fishing as well as productive sheltered water fishing and off shore fishing for large game species. Providing great Fishing opportunities in Tasmania.

Of particular interest to us at the All Round Guide, is the inland fishery, especially the Brown Trout, given our selection of rivers, lakes, lagoons and tarns. Our inland waters provide many exciting fishing options that are a pleasure to fish, albeit challenging at times. And let’s face it, would we want it any other way?


Fly Fishing Tasmania

Tasmania is a truly unique and beautiful trout fishery that really lends itself to the dry fly trout fishing enthusiast. We have many streams, creeks and river systems that offer clear water fishing in attractive native locations, that  happen to hold ample numbers of wild trout.

Our beautiful island state of Tasmania was the fist place in the Southern Hemisphere to successfully introduce trout. Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Brook Trout and Atlantic Salmon have all been introduced to our fishery over that time, however, it is the Brown Trout that has thrived, given the suitable conditions and environment for this species.

And while salt water fly fishing isn’t practiced by many anglers in Tasmania, exciting opportunities still exist for those keen enough to put in the time and effort.


Favorite Locations

High on our list of favorite rivers are the: St Patrick River, South Esk River, North Esk River and the Meander River, including many of their feeder streams and creeks. These waters can provide amazing twig water fishing, especially at hopper time.

Our favorite lakes and lagoons include the: Nineteen Lagoons, Penstock Lagoon, Little Pine Lagoon, Four Springs Lagoon, Arthurs Lake, Augusta Lake and Lake Leake. There are so many options, it’s impossible to name them all. The above listed waters allow for excellent sight fishing, dry fly fishing, tailing fish stalking and wet fly searching opportunities.

In any of these locations, there can be prolific rises to red and black spinners, highland duns, caddis flies, damsel flies, gum beetles and dragon flies while some of our mudeye (dragon fly larvae) migrations, jasid falls and hopper seasons can last in ones memory for a life time.


Licensed Explorer

Not many fishing guides are (even the appropriately registered and accredited ones) but your All Round Guide is fully licensed, certified and accredited to guide you in our World Heritage Areas, National Parks, Conservation Areas, State Forests and State Reserves. Our Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service is dedicated to managing these sensitive areas in sustainable ways and our fishing and fly fishing guides in Tasmania meet all of their criteria.

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Outside the (tackle) box

Even though your All Round Guide has a well-established group of favorite rivers and lakes, we are prepared to fish “outside of the box” and try new things. Being a dedicated service and having a focus on providing fun, enjoyable and memorable experiences for you, our valued client, we always put time into researching the areas we are going to visit, doing as many reconnaissance missions necessary to any area, as much is needed, to provide a tour that encourages return visits and friendly referrals.


Lure Fishing Tasmania

For those anglers or explorers that are already lure fishing enthusiasts or anglers that aren’t interested in doing or learning about fly fishing, then many lure fishing opportunities awaiting us here in Tasmania. Not only can we lure fish (using hard body lures or soft plastics) in many of our favorite locations, but we can also explore many salt water options of chasing flathead, bream and cocky salmon form our estuaries, beaches and rocky out crops.


Bait Fishing Tasmania

While most of us start our fishing journey’s here, some stay, some move on to lure or fly fishing, some (like us) just enjoy them all. Some of our favorite forms of bait fishing include drifting hoppers or crickets with un-weighted lines down the bubble glides of our smaller rivers and streams which often results in spectacular takes and many fish. Mudeye (dragonfly larvae) fishing for trout is also very productive, and again, can produce large numbers of fish for those who enjoy the peaceful, Zen type approach to trout fishing. And our favorite Tasmanian table fish, Flathead, offers up our next favorite form of bait fishing and provides a great way to spend a day at the beach or local estuary chasing these amazing little salt water lizards (well some of the big mammas can grow up to near a meter long).

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