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Scott Murphy – House Guide & Business Manager 


Guiding in Tasmania since 2005

Scott Murphy (Tasmania Fly Fishing – House Guide and Business Manager) lives in Launceston and grew up in a northern midland town next to clear mountain streams and has been trout fishing since the mid-1970s. He was introduced to fly fishing in the late 1990’s and has had a healthy obsession ever since. He commenced guiding for other local guides back in 2005.

Scott spent over two decades bushwalking many remote locations of Tasmania which has fueled his passion for exploring new areas. A passion that pairs beautifully with fly fishing in Tasmania. Scott holds a passion for sight fishing with the dry fly in the clears waters.

Scott is an experienced and qualified coach making him great with beginners and those wishing to develop their fly fishing skills.

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Logan Reid – House Guide & Fly Tier


Logan’s love of trout fishing started with spin fishing and began in 2009. Over the years he developed his fishing skills by visiting the local rivers and lakes at every opportunity, so keen, he even started experimenting by tying his own flies with just a normal fishing hook, some wire, and the fur from his family cat (don’t tell the family).

Logan was inspired by his father and his dad’s fishing mates by the many fishing adventures and stories they generously shared with him, and in 2015 Logan started fly fishing in the St Patrick’s river and its small headwater streams and the obsession began. With so many amazing fishing locations spread throughout Tasmania, Logan has found a love for our famous Western Lakes.

His passion of sight fishing brings tremendous joy through the excitement of finding and catching our magnificent wild brown trout. First for Logan, is the thrill of finding the fish, then watching the fish to see where its beat is, to see what the fish is feeding on, and then planning the best way to catch the fish with his favoured dry fly.

Logan makes an excellent guide because of his passion, patience, love for the bush, being outdoors, and with this growing knowledge of the Tasmania fish, lakes and rivers, native plants, and animals. He really is a pleasure to spend time fishing with.

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And while we don’t pretend to be the world’s best anglers, we are very competent anglers and place importance on having fun while doing it. We are dedicated to delivering an enjoyable and memorable experience to each and every one of our valued clients. Email us now to discuss your fishing tour requirements to [email protected]


Other Guides Available Through TGALT

And for those of you who would like to review which other guiding options are available here in Tasmania, we strongly recommend using an accredited guide that is registered with the Trout Guides and Lodges Association. You can feel free to email us directly at [email protected] for recommendations, as we are proud to support our local guiding industry…


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