Trout Recipes

For the majority, we practice catch and release trout fishing but do occasionally keep healthy trout from fresh clean lakes, known to be high in protein trout foods such as Crustacea, snails and scuds. When a trout is selected for keeping, we recommend it is swiftly put to rest, gutted and gilled, and then hung in a fish safe until preparation time.

Our favorite way of having trout is a spin off a recipe; we call it Trout Finger Caesar Salad. It can be a bit fiddly, but worth the effort. Fillet and skin the trout and be sure to remove all bones. Cut the trout into large finger sized strips, coat in flour, egg and then bread crumb and put aside. Make your favorite Caesar Salad and put aside. Shallow fry the trout fingers and place onto some paper towel once browned all over or both sides. Plate up the Caesar Salad, place trout fingers over the salad, drizzle with Caesar Salad Dressing and serve, enjoy while the fish stays hot…

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